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Feb 26, 2016

In a Paleo Magazine Radio special report, host Tony Federico breaks down the latest anti-paleo study with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne.

Feb 25, 2016

We spend a lot of time focusing on what we eat, how we move, and how we sleep, but rarely do we discuss who is doing the eating, moving, and sleeping. In other words, we talk about actions, things we do, but not so much about being, who we are. Turning our attention within to the complex and mysterious realm of mind, emotion, and spirit can be challenging, but there is a reason why so many of the great thinkers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and high performers of the world make exploration of their inner world a priority. 

In this episode of Paleo Magazine Radio, we’re joined by Chris Kresser. You probably know him best for his uber-popular website, top-rated podcast Revolution Health Radio, and bestselling book The Paleo Cure, but what you might not know is that Chris is a long-time practitioner of Zen meditation, and he's someone who understands the role that the mind can play in both health and disease. 

Tony and Chris discuss:

  • His background in traditional Chinese medicine
  • The nature of the placebo effect and why he thinks it should actually be called the meaning response
  • Studies of the placebo effect's opposite, the nocebo effect
  • The benefits of meditation
  • How to cultivate the witness and break the cycle of reactivity
  • The connection between mindfulness and health
  • How to start your own personal meditation practice
Feb 22, 2016

Host Tony Federico discusses the Women's Strength Summit online event with Stephanie Gaudreau.

Feb 18, 2016

Everyone has heard of The Biggest Loser TV show. It's where they take a group of overweight people, move them out to an isolated compound, pair them with a trainer, and see who can lose the most amount of weight in the shortest amount of time. The show consistently gets huge ratings and it's made a star out of the program's biggest personality, Jillian Michaels.

Unfortunately, we see the damage shows like this have done. Losing weight at all cost, only to gain it back, and then some, as many Biggest Loser contestants have, only serves to perpetuate the good and the bad, black and white, binge and purge mentality that so many people suffer from, but what if there was a different way to do a TV show about weight loss? What if the contestants were able to pick their own trainers, work out and cook in their own homes, and had to show that they could sustain change even when their trainer wasn't yelling at them?

Well, that show does exist. It's called My Diet is Better Than Yours. The whole season is available now on demand and on streaming services like Hulu. What's even more amazing about My Diet is Better Than Yours is that Paleo Magazine Radio alumni Abel James was one of the coaches on the show, and his client, despite being the oldest, unhealthiest, and perhaps most unlikely contestant, gave the standout performance of the season.

In this episode of PMR, we’re joined first by Abel, and then in the second half of the show, by his client Kurt. In our conversations, we discuss -

  • How they got recruited to join a network reality TV show. (Hint, one of them used Twitter and the other a newspaper ad.)
  • What it's like to live on camera for weeks at a time
  • How Abel's wild version of Paleo stacked up against the competition, and why Kurt found it so appealing.
  • The results Kurt achieved over the course of the show and the controversial finale
  • How you can apply the principles Abel outlines in his book, The Wild Diet, to create sustainable, enjoyable weight loss.

Spoiler alert! During the interviews, we discuss the outcome of the show, so if you haven't seen My Diet is Better Than Yours yet, go watch it and then come back to this podcast!

Feb 17, 2016

Host Tony Federico plays an excerpt from the new feature length documentary Love Paleo.

Feb 11, 2016

You've gone Paleo and cut out grains, beans, dairy, industrial seed oils, refined sugar, processed food and crappy animal products. You're eating grass-fed beef, drinking almond milk, and cooking with more herbs and spices, but despite all these changes, you're still not feeling one hundred percent. For most people, going Paleo is enough. For others, it isn't. Years of eating the sad, standard American diet can sometimes cause more damage than standard Paleo can fix, but this doesn't mean all hope is lost. This is where the autoimmune protocol comes in. 

Our guest, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, AKA the Paleo mom, is one of the foremost experts in the autoimmune protocol. Her two books on the subject, "The Paleo Approach" and "The Paleo Approach Cookbook" have both been New York Times best sellers. Sarah recently released her third book, The Healing Kitchen, co-authored by Alaena Haber. In this episode, Sarah and Tony discuss what makes the autoimmune protocol different from your standard Paleo diet, why paleo foods like nightshades and nuts might not be a good idea for some individuals, her favorite AIP super-foods, how quitting diet soda quick-started her own paleo transformation, what she did to make The Healing Kitchen an invaluable resource for those trying to go AIP, and the super exciting, not-so-secret secret project that she's been working on for the past year.

Feb 4, 2016

Today's guest, Dr. Kelly Petrucci is a board certified naturopathic doctor, who built a practice that caters to celebrities and everyday folks alike by offering alternatives to pharmaceutical pills and surgeries. Instead of drugs, she prescribes anti-aging foods, bio-identical hormones, and nutritional supplements. She's the author of the Paleo Cookbook for Dummies series and co-authored Living Paleo for Dummies with Melissa Joulwan and Paleo Workouts for Dummies with Patrick Flynn. Her latest book is The Bone Broth Diet, which promotes a 21-day plan focused on nutrient-dense whole foods as well as plenty of bone broth.

In this episode Tony and Dr. Kellyann discuss:

  • Why she started to feel invisible in her middle age, and what she did about it.
  • What our innate nutritional blueprint tells us about maximizing health, performance, and longevity.
  • Why "no money and no time" are excuses she doesn't accept.
  • How she helps patients go Paleo without feeling deprived
  • Why becoming a natural fat burner with a healthy gut is so essential.
  • Why she starts off each day with fermented foods and bone broth.