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Hosted by health coach, writer, and food and fitness adventurer Ashleigh VanHouten (aka The Muscle Maven), Muscle Maven Radio aims to expand our knowledge and competence around wellness, fitness and living a happy, healthy life. It’s all about taking our health into our own hands through research, experimentation, and curiosity, learning with an open mind and avoiding dogma and quick fixes. Through Muscle Maven Radio, we aim to approach the health journey as a fun and exciting experience, rather than a daunting and overwhelming chore. Join Ashleigh as she interviews athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and experts in all areas of health and wellness, and have fun with your health journey!
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Feb 25, 2021

Having a bad day? Feeling frustrated and annoyed with life? Things not going your way? Listen to this podcast and prepare to have your perspective drastically changed.

Callie Russell is a survival expert, ancestral skills instructor, hunter, goat herder, and true renaissance woman. She came into the public eye when she became the runner up for groundbreaking reality Show Alone, Season 7, spending 72 days on her own in the Canadian Artic, surviving with only 10 tools she brought along and her own wits. Throughout the course of her time on the show, she demonstrated a level of competence and understanding and respect for nature that is truly awe-inspiring (even if it is our natural tendency, it’s something most of us have grown away from in the modern world). Her perspectives on connecting with nature, killing animals for food, feeling gratitude in the toughest moments, and learning and smiling through everything - these are lessons we can all learn from her story, whether we plan to become survival experts or not.

She also shares her story of going from a vegetarian to a professional hunter; how life-changing tragedy in her childhood shaped her adult perspective; and tons of behind-the-scenes insider knowledge about what it’s like to be on Alone, like how you recover and reintegrate back into society, her friendships with other contestants, and what she missed most while she was out in the wilderness.

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