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Hosted by health coach, writer, and food and fitness adventurer Ashleigh VanHouten (aka The Muscle Maven), Muscle Maven Radio aims to expand our knowledge and competence around wellness, fitness and living a happy, healthy life. It’s all about taking our health into our own hands through research, experimentation, and curiosity, learning with an open mind and avoiding dogma and quick fixes. Through Muscle Maven Radio, we aim to approach the health journey as a fun and exciting experience, rather than a daunting and overwhelming chore. Join Ashleigh as she interviews athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and experts in all areas of health and wellness, and have fun with your health journey!
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Oct 26, 2021

The question, "can you build muscle and lose fat at the same time?" may be one of the most pervasive in the fitness industry, and the answer, as usual, is more complex than many of us would like. But it's not all bad - there is plenty to be learned about our bodies and how they work while we explore the most efficient and healthy ways to achieve these two separate (but often combined) goals.

In this episode Ashleigh covers:

  • Who may be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time, and who may have a harder time
  • The ways in which these two goals can work with each other, and against each other
  • A discussion on the practical applications of caloric surpluses/deficits, and how to apply them to your life in a realistic way
  • A better, more sustainable solution to the "gain muscle, lose fat" question
  • Resources to learn more about how to apply this to your lifestyle

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Oct 19, 2021

Stan Efferding is an IFBB Professional bodybuilder and World Record Holding Powerlifter. He is one of only 10 men in the world to ever total over 2,300 pounds raw in competition. Stan holds the title as the World's Strongest Bodybuilder. 

He conducts seminars all over the country for various sports and nutrition and training techniques, and he coined the Vertical Diet - his book, The Vertical Diet, just came out and in this episode Ashleigh and Stan talk all things diet, muscle building, and what we can all take from the regimens of elite athletes. 

In this episode:

  • Stan's morning/daily routine
  • His new book, The Vertical Diet
  • Some of his key nutrition tips around fiber and protein
  • Practical tips for the rest of us gained from the worlds of powerlifting and bodybuilding
  • Stan's experience dealing with depression and anxiety, and how he addressed it
  • Working with elite athletes like Hafthor Bjornsson and Jon Jones
  • And much more!

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Oct 5, 2021
In this episode Ashleigh and Bethany, the founder of natural skincare brand Primally Pure, discuss specific animal-based skincare ingredients: how they’re processed and used, their benefits, how they’ve been used historically, and much more.
Bethany McDaniel started Primally Pure by personally rendering tallow from the animals at her family’s organic lifestock farm in Southern California, and has grown the brand exponentially to offer high-quality, luxurious natural skincare without any harmful ingredients - and specifically highlighting healthy animal ingredients. Just like with food, “animal-based” ingredients don’t have the same healthy reputation as plant-based, but humans have been using ingredients like tallow to address skin issues for generations.
In this episode:
  • Why grass-fed beef tallow is good for your skin
  • How it’s processed for use in skincare
  • What is emu oil and why it’s a great skin care ingredient
  • How to simplify and detoxify your skin care routine
  • And much more!
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