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Hosted by health coach, writer, and food and fitness adventurer Ashleigh VanHouten (aka The Muscle Maven), Muscle Maven Radio aims to expand our knowledge and competence around wellness, fitness and living a happy, healthy life. It’s all about taking our health into our own hands through research, experimentation, and curiosity, learning with an open mind and avoiding dogma and quick fixes. Through Muscle Maven Radio, we aim to approach the health journey as a fun and exciting experience, rather than a daunting and overwhelming chore. Join Ashleigh as she interviews athletes, coaches, doctors, nutritionists, and experts in all areas of health and wellness, and have fun with your health journey!
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Oct 6, 2020

This week Ashleigh speaks with Ede Fox, an educator about the carnivore diet who has created an inclusive space for black people and people of color to learn about the carnivore diet, health and nutrition.

Ashleigh and Ede talk about Ede’s health journey, how she eats now and what she’s learned, and why it’s important to her to create space for people of color to connect with each other in the health world. They also speak more broadly about what the carnivore diet means to them, the potential issues around macro counting, why women need to get over their fear of dietary fat, and more.

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